some time has passed…

As you will note by my hair length it’s been almost a year since I put this blog in motion. That’s par for the course for a writer, sometimes we are too busy writing to write! (A golf metaphor, really Amy?)

Ignore that, what I meant to say was that the writing part of novel #1 is over with (mostly) which means it’s on to the “fun” part of receiving (generous) feedback ( oh so generous) and figuring out (narrowing down) which scrutinizing set of eyes (eyes made of fire and cactus needles) to send it to.

Also I’m writing book #2. (Number 2, heh. Heh…) And participating in nanowrimo to write book #3. And then you know work, groceries, cleaning myself …you get the gist. I’m going to be blogging about nanowrimo and what I really think of it. 😈

Until then enjoy these old timey photographs and await patiently for more words from yours truly.


at adlen






Hi!  I’m your friendly neighborhood writer A.T. Adlen.

In this blog I hope to shed some light on the true life of a writer.

The great thing about this blog is that it goes beyond tips and tricks for becoming a “better writer”. It goes beyond top ten lists and sample query letters.

In fact, you may have zero interest in being any kind of writer, but you just might still find this blog entertaining.

I do dispense advice on writing here and there, but mostly I just show you what being a writer is like.

If you don’t already know what it’s like, this blog might make you think twice about your aspirations. Then again, you might feel you’ve found a kindred spirit in me. The latter is really my goal, but I can’t predict the outcome for you.

It’s not always pretty, in fact, it most often isn’t. But for every pretty thing we look at on the Internet we must also look at ten ugly things. That isn’t a real ratio statistic; I just made that up.

You might laugh.  That is, I must admit to you in confidence, my ultimate goal.

So until we meet again, or really for the first time (video), I must go get ready for my night job.

goodnight. Xo